SecureRF Blog Post: Will Enterprise Prioritize IoT Security Over Innovation In 2019?

This month we highlight security issues of concern to both consumers and enterprises, and we also share video from SecureRF’s participation at recent key industry events.


Six Security Issues Set to Dominate IoT in 2019

The implementation of IoT security is expected to be a top priority for businesses this year, even at the expense of innovation and new product introductions. Experts speculate that unless IoT security is improved, the IoT will not be able to sustain growth as concerns about poor legacy security and escalating IoT financial crimes grow.


RISC-V Summit 2018, December 3-6, 2018

The SecureRF team joined over 1,100 attendees at the recent RISC-V Summit 2018. This important and growing industry event offers participants an opportunity to share information about the RISC-V architecture, software, silicon, security and more. See highlights from the Summit (including comments from SecureRF CEO Louis Parks starting at 2:03) here:


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