Hackster.io Article: Doing Machine Learning From The Arduino Development Environment?

Towards the tail end of last year, Sipeed released their 64-bit RISC-V MAix module, crowdfunding a range of boards on Indiegogo specifically designed to do machine learning inferencing at the edge. No cloud needed.

Unlike a lot of crowdfunded boards and modules that disappear almost as soon as they’ve arrived, since the release back in November then there has been a lot of work done to document and support the MAix module, including both Arduino support and a port of MicroPython. We’ve also seen the MAix picked up by Seeed Studio who are putting together an MAix-based HAT for the Raspberry Pi.


To read more, please visit: https://blog.hackster.io/doing-machine-learning-from-the-arduino-development-environment-b6c63838a596.