AB Open Article: PULP Platform Partners With GreenWaves, Bitcraze For RISC-V AI Drone Controller

The Parallel Ultra-Low Power (PULP) Platform has announced a partnership between ETH Zurich, Greenwaves Technologies, and Bitcraze to develop a PULP-powered and wireless artificial intelligence module for drone use: the AI Deck.

Based on the earlier PULP-Shield, built as part of the PULP-DroNet project, the AI Shield is designed to control a Crazyflie 2.0 micro-drone. The original design partnered GreenWaves’ GAP8 RISC-V system-on-chip with two off-chip memories, a QVGA ultra-low-power camera, and the control pins required to have the device fly the drone under control of the DroNet convolutional neural network (CNN.)


To read more, please visit: https://abopen.com/news/pulp-platform-partners-with-greenwaves-bitcraze-for-risc-v-ai-drone-controller/.