EET China Article: SoC Chip Design Focuses On The “Invisible Champion” Of Security IP

The current leading three companies in SoC provide internal analysis and detection technology include: UltraSoC, for its system-on-chip design process; Moortec, for its in-chip monitoring subsystem IP solutions; Arteris for its Ncore cache cohert interconnect IP. These security IP experts who work silently at the bottom of the system network and smart devices are the  invisible champions ” in the field of SoC chip design .

In the recently held RISC-V China tour Shenzhen seminar, UltraSoC company CEO Rupert Baines shared its technical solutions for safety and performance testing of semiconductors, and released specifications for the RISC-V cycle accurate processor core (Cycle-Accurate ) Tracking technology. At the press conference, the “Electronic Engineering Album” analyst and Mr. Baines conducted in-depth exchanges.


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