Elektor article: A Microprocessor Made From Carbon Nanotube FETs

Researchers at MIT have developed a microprocessor based on carbon nanotube transistors. As described in the journalĀ Nature, it can be fabricated using traditional silicon chip manufacturing techniques. This represents an important step towards a practical realisation of the next generation of microprocessors using carbon nanotubes.

A Microprocessor Made From Carbon Nanotube FETs

The fabrication of carbon nanotube field effect transistors (CNFETs) is particularly important for the construction of next-generation computers. CNFETs have about ten times more energy efficiency and operate at far higher speeds than silicon FETs. Until now the large-scale production of CNFETs has been dogged by manufacturing defects.

article: https://www.elektormagazine.com/news/a-microprocessor-made-from-carbon-nanotube-fets