RISC-V Training in Munich

ETH Zurich announces a RISC-V training session with Florian Zaruba, ETH, on 16-17 October, 2019 in ETH’s publishing house in Munich. Register now for the 2-day intensive training with top-class speakers from ETH Zurich and Greenwaves!

The training addresses the practical implementation of processor cores with RISC-V instruction sets using the “PULP Platform” of ETH Zurich as an example. The focus is on the two cores “RI5CY” and “Ariane” – both marketed as CORE-V via the OpenHW Group – as well as GAP8 from Greenwaves, a SoC with eight cores, which is part of the PULP platform.

Learn more here: www.training-for-professionals.de/veranstaltungen/risc-v.html