RISC-V Social Guidelines

This document covers the guidelines we use for posting on RISC-V Twitter and RISC-V LinkedIn.


One of the top Visibility priorities continues to be strategic visibility through analysts, press, and media with strong and constant communications in major world-wide geographies. 

RISC-V social media is an important tool to help spread the word about RISC-V to our followers as well as extending beyond our current follower base and to the extended community. 

We strive to:

  • Demonstrate industry thought leadership through original content and case studies
  • Amplifying member progress through RISC-V communications 
  • Advance topics and conversations that educate and advance RISC-V
  • Continue building positive affinity for RISC-V among key influencers and throughout the community
  • Drive engagement and participation in RISC-V

To do this:

  • Keep messages positive and uplifting.
  • Communicate big picture ideas vs “announcements” or news. News will be positioned less like an announcement and more around what it means.
  • Share content across social media channels that benefit the ecosystem as a whole.
  • Maintain a balance of posting on RISC-V activities/news and ecosystem-focused content.
  • Share member, organizational, and community-sourced posts that are informational, engaging, and ecosystem-focused.
  • Engage with the community through retweets, sharing, and original posting of community content.

Engagement is important!

Engagement is the most important tool we have in our social tool bag! We want to retweet on Twitter and share on LinkedIn RISC-V content shared by the community to help bring broader awareness to those in the community that are talking about RISC-V.

Conversely, we want the community to re-share the content RISC-V posts to bring awareness to RISC-V outside the community that already knows us.

Let’s keep the RISC-V enthusiasm going!

The type of content we will share:

  • Updates on the RISC-V project including public information from RISC-V SIGs and task groups.
  • Stories about RISC-V use in end user environments
  • RISC-V content in the key technical areas including 
    • Services: fabrication and design services
    • I/O: memory, network, and storage
    • Chip: SoC, IP, and FPGA
    • Software: development tools, firmware, operating systems
    • Security
  • RISC-V in vertical industries
    • Cloud and Data Center
    • Automotive
    • HPC
    • Industrial IoT
    • Mobile and wireless
    • Consumer and IoT devices
  • Technical how-to’s
  • Editorials, news stories, insights, and perspectives that share information and show thought leadership
  • Information on RISC-V events and upcoming events where RISC-V content is being presented


  • For all RISC-V social activity, we strive to remain neutral 
  • Owned content such as news, blogs, and case studies are shared via RISC-V channels
  • Members who join at Premier level get a stand-alone tweet from RISC-V Twitter.
  • Premier level members get 4 social media spotlights on Twitter per year. Send request to content@riscv.org
  • Strategic level members get 1 social media spotlight on Twitter per year. Send request to content@riscv.org
  • Member press releases will be shared via a retweet (Twitter) and a share (LinkedIn). It is preferred the RT and share comes from a person at the organization and not the corporate handle.
  • Sharing of upcoming event information is limited to RISC-V events, events where there is RISC-V content and are posted on the RISC-V website, and Community events (meetups).
    • Member events such as webinars may be re-shared on RISC-V social channels, depending on the open availability on the RISC-V social channels.
  • Images shared, unless specifically credited back to a community member, will meet the requirements of “free for commercial use” and “no attribution required.”

To request content to be shared:

Email content@riscv.org with a link to the content to be shared.