Candidates for Board of Directors

Nominations to represent the RISC-V International Strategic and Premier TSC members as well as Community members on the RISC-V Board of Directors were held through June 30, and are now closed. Thank you to everyone who nominated! For details, please see the Board of Directors Representatives page.

The following people are candidates for Board of Directors Representative seats. Voting is taking place July 1-31, 2020.

Please click each candidate’s picture for their full biography.


Representatives for Strategic & Premier TSC Members (3 seats)

Yungang Bao – ICT CAS

Yungang Bao is a Professor of Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the director of Research Center of Advanced Computer Systems (ACS) of ICT-CAS. Prof. Bao founded China RSIC-V Alliance (CRVA) and serves as the secretary-general of CRVA. His research interests include computer architecture and computer systems.


Richard Bohn – Seagate Technology

Richard Bohn is a Managing Principal Engineer at Seagate Technology, the global leader in data storage solutions. A 16-year silicon industry veteran, Richard has led Seagate’s RISC-V efforts since 2015. Prior to his current role Richard held a number of technical leadership and design positions.


Matthew Corbett – Raytheon

Matthew Corbett is a Senior Tech Fellow at Collins Aerospace (Raytheon). In this role, Corbett focuses on the development of new and novel technologies for the Aerospace and Defense markets. His primary focus is in the area of High Integrity Computing and Networking Systems for flight-critical applications. He specializes in architecture and development of custom System-on-Chip solutions that solve the unique challenges of the markets served by Collins.


Ken Dockser – Qualcomm

Ken Dockser is Senior Director at Qualcomm where he heads up the Processor Research Team. He has been designing processors for over 30 years in a variety of architectures including VAX, X86, MIPS, PowerPC, ARM and RISC-V. He has expertise in a variety of areas including computer architecture, microarchitecture, arithmetic, verification, benchmarking, software development and marketing.


Charlie Hauck – Bluespec

Charlie Hauck is CEO of Bluespec, Inc., a supplier of tools for safely and efficiently deploying RISC-V open source cores. He has been as a member of the RISC-V Foundation (now RISC-V International) Board of Directors since its founding in 2015. Prior to Bluespec, Charlie was general manager of Faraday Technology USA, a fabless ASIC company.


Olof Kindgren – Qamcom

Olof Kindgren is a digital design engineer working for Qamcom Research & Technology. He has also been an leading figure within open source silicon for ten years. Since the first introduction to RISC-V in 2014 he has been increasingly involved and is now a RISC-V ambassador and leads several RISC-V projects.


Larry Lapides – Imperas Software Ltd.

Larry is currently VP Worldwide Sales at Imperas Software Ltd., and previously ran worldwide sales at EDA companies Averant and Calypto Design Systems. He was vice president of worldwide sales during the run-up to Verisity’s IPO (the top performing IPO of 2001 in the U.S.), and afterwards as Verisity solidified its position as the fifth largest EDA company.


Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen – PQShield

Dr. Saarinen started in information security in 1997 as one of the original creators of the (now ubiquitous) SSH2 secure login protocol. His career has been split between academia and the security industry (from commercial penetration testing to designing post-quantum crypto algorithms).


Representative for Community Organization Members (1 seat)

Jesus Labarta – Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Jesús Labarta received a B.S. in Telecommunications Engineering from the Technical University of Catalunya (UPC) in 1981 and his Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering also from UPC in 1983. He is full professor of Computer Architecture at UPC since 1990 and was Director of CEPBA-European Center of Parallelism at Barcelona from 1996 to 2005. Since its creation in 2005, he has been the Director of the Computer Sciences Research Department within the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC).


Matthias Tarasiewicz – RIAT

Matthias Tarasiewicz is the head of research at the RIAT Institute, an NGO operating in Austria and Cyprus, and has been founded by researchers for researchers. Tarasiewicz also is a board member of the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA), an institution to foster Open Hardware design practices.


Representative for Community Individual Members (1 seat)

Stefan Wallentowitz

Stefan is a professor at Munich University of Applied Sciences. He is a long term advocate and active member of the open source silicon community, most prominent in his role as director of the Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation (FOSSi Foundation). He has been active in various RISC-V projects over the last six years. Stefan was involved in the debug task group and has recently become chair of the RISC-V SIG “Academia & Education”.


Wei Wu

Wei Wu is the chairman of OSDT (formerly HelloGCC and HelloLLVM) community which founded in 2007. OSDT is an open and loose group aiming to promote the development of toolchains, language VMs, emulators/simulators and other tools for software developers. He has been active in RISC-V software ecosystem since 2017, organized or co-organized a series of technical salons / conferences in China.