The nomination period for representatives to represent the RISC-V International Strategic and Premier TSC members as well as Community members on the RISC-V Board of Directors is now concluded, and voting has begun.

RISC-V International welcomes and thanks all members who have made the transition to the new organization. We want to encourage members to participate in RISC-V governance, as outlined in the new member benefits. Going forward, all RISC-V International members will have a voice on the Board of Directors through representation by elected members for each membership level. Voting is going on now through July 31, with new representatives installed at the board meeting on August 20. The following seats will be elected:

  • 3 Director representatives for Strategic & Premier TSC members
  • 1 Director representative for Community Organization members
  • 1 Director representative for Community Individual members

Board membership is an important responsibility. Elected Directors must attend all board meetings, which are currently held at 5pm Pacific time on the third Thursday of each month. At these meetings, they will represent the other RISC-V members at their level in discussions as well as votes, and to make themselves available for regular communication with the other members at their level. Representatives will vote on behalf of their membership tier, not for their specific companies. For more guidance on board member expectations and requirements, see Article 1 of the Internal Regulations.

Each board seat lasts for one year, provided that the Director’s organization remains a member in good standing during that time. All members of RISC-V International in good standing between July 1 – 31 may vote on the nominations. Ballot links will be sent to the voting member of record on July 1. Each member may vote only once. Please note that nominations and votes can only be recorded by members of RISC-V International.

These are the important dates for this election:

  • June 30: last day for nominations
  • July 1: first day of voting
  • July 31: final day of voting
  • August 20: first board meeting to include new representative Directors

All approved nominations are on the page Candidates for Board of Directors 2020.

Please contact the program managers at with any questions.