RISC-V Foundation Events


RISC-V Summit

Dec. 9-12, 2019

San Jose, Calif.

To register for the event, please visit here.  Register by Sept. 13 and save up to $750 with early bird pricing.


If you’re interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at any RISC-V Foundation events, please visit here or contact Lori at lori.mikuls@informa.com.



Industry Events

VSDOpen Conference

October 19, 2019

With speakers on different tracks of conference,  VSDOpen is focused on exploring how this open-source EDA and RISC-V architecture is rapidly expanding into various industries, powering various processors that deliver new design and high-end gadgets demand.

Speakers include representatives from UC San Diego, CEO RISC-V Foundation, SemiWiki,  IIT Madras, Western Digital/CHIPS Alliance, ETH Zurich.

VSDOpen Conference is the only Online conference that will bring together researchers who are committed to open-source principles to share their experiences and coordinate efforts towards developing a reliable, fully open-source EDA flow and RISC-V architecture.

Virtual Demo of RISC-V core:

  1. Core and application developed by PULP team
  2. RAVEN core developed by Efabless Team
  3. BOOM core developed by University of California, Berkley
  4. SHAKTI core developed by IIT Madras team

VSDOpen 2019 is free to attend! Register here.