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RISC-V Mentorship: Regression test suite for Crypto ISA extension

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RISC-V International is a non-profit organization supporting the free and open RISC instruction set architecture and extensions. We enable the community to spend their time and resources innovating and not duplicating.

NOTE: Applications will be open as of April 15, 2021

The RISC-V Mentorship Program enables one or more 12-week internship-style projects per session, funded by RISC-V, to match mentors/project leaders together with mentees/interns. Mentees are guided through a series of milestones by one or more project mentors, with whom the mentees meet on a weekly basis.
With this mentorship, the mentee will design and implement a GNU toolchain test case design and performance test & analysis for the RISC-V K extension (Crypto Scalar). The result will provide a test suite, a test report, and a benchmark performance report for the Crypto extension.
  • test case support for K-ext in both gcc、binutils、gdb、glibc、newlib
  • benchmark performance test report for K-ext
  • K-ext bug list report
  • optimization analysis report for K-ext
Acceptance criteria:
  • K-ext test case can verify all K-ext instructions (full cover)
  • benchmark performance test report is repeatable
  • K-ext bug list is repeatable and is up to date
  • optimization analysis report is feasible and up to date


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