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RISC-V is cultivating relationships across universities in support of RISC-V curriculum and other programming. Universities are encouraged to sign up for a RISC-V International Community Organization membership free of charge. Join nearly 100 universities and academics across the world to participate in RISC-V academic interest groups, engage in opportunities for internships, curricula, learning modules, research and other activities.

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a – Lab assignment
b – Appnote/ paper
c – Lecture slides/notes
d – Video tutorial
e – Example project
f – Syllabus

These materials are curated by educators around the world. You can add to this list by submitting entries via pull request on GitHub. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

Introduction to RISC-V (LFD110x)LinkOpen1n/acourseb,c,d,e
Building a RISC-V CPU Core (LFD111x)LinkOpen2HWcourseb,c,d,e
RISC-V Online TutorLinkOpen1-2FPGA Access Providedcoursea,b,c,d,e,f
Maven SiliconLinkPaid2SimHW/Sima,c,d,e,f
Oakland UniversityLinkOpen2UnspecifiedHWf
UC IrvineLinkOpen1SimHWa,f
Boston UniversityLinkOpen1SimHWf
Boston UniversityLinkOpen1SimHWa,c,f
Redwood EDALinkOpen1-2MakerchipHWc,e
EmulsiV SimulatorWorking InstanceGitHubOpen (MPL2.0)1SimHWe
University of RochesterLinkOpen1UnspecifiedSWf
University of CambridgeLinkOpen2FPGAHWf
University of Wisconsin-MadisonLinkOpen2SimHWf
Sarah Lawrence CollegeLinkReg2UnspecifiedSWf
University of VirginiaLinkReg2UnspecifiedHWf
Seminole State College of FloridaLinkReg1UnspecifiedHWf
UC Santa CruzLinkReg2UnspecifiedHWf
York UniversityLinkReg1UnspecifiedHWc,f
New York UniversityLinkReg3UnspecifiedHW
Marmara UniversityLinkReg2SimHW
Cornell CollegeLinkOpen2Unspecifiedtools
IIT TirupatiLinkReg2UnspecifiedHW
Susquehanna UniversityLinkReg1UnspecifiedHW
Tsinghua UniversityLinkOpen3Simtoolse
Rey Juan Carlos University (Spanish)LinkOpen1Sim/FPGASW
Redwood EDA/VLSI System DesignLinkReg1-2VSD-IATSim/HWc,e
RVFPGA: Complete Course in Understanding Computer ArchitectureLinkOpen1-3FPGAHWa,c,e,f
Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (portuguese)LinkOpen1UnspecifiedHWa,c,d,f
University of TexasLinkOpen2Unspecifiedtoolsf
Florida State UniversityLinkOpen2SimHWc,f
RISC-V 101 ArticleLinkReg2UnspecifiedHW
IISc BangaloreLinkOpen1FPGAHWa,c,f
IISc BangaloreLinkReg1UnspecifiedHWc
IISc Bangalore – automated assembly genLinkOpen2Simtoolse
Nanjing University (Chinese)LinkOpen3Linux nativeSWa
University of SienaLinkOpen1SimHWe
University of SienaLinkOpen1SimHWa
Nuclei System Technology (Chinese)LinkOpen3HummingBird E203FPGA/HW/SWa,c,d,f
UFCG - remote access to FPGA boardLinkOpen1UnspecifiedFPGA/HW/SWb,d,e

Computer Organization and Design, 2nd Edition

“Patterson and Hennessy brilliantly address the issues in the ever changing computer hardware architecture.”
Professor Jae Oh, Syracuse

Authors: David Patterson & John Hennessy
Availability: Now
Edition: 2nd
Pages: 736
Price on Amazon: $95
ISBN-13: 978-0128203316
Publisher: Morgan Kaufman

Likely the most popular undergraduate textbook in computer architecture now has a version using RISC-V. Computer Organization and Design RISC-V Edition: The Hardware Software Interface, Second Edition, the award-winning textbook from Patterson and Hennessy that is used by more than 40,000 students per year, continues to present the most comprehensive and readable introduction to this core computer science topic.

Also: the previous edition is still available on Amazon.

The RISC-V Reader: An Open Architecture Atlas

“I like RISC-V and this book as they are elegant—brief, to the point, and complete.”
C. Gordon Bell, Designer of the PDP-11 and VAX-11 instruction set architectures

A slim introduction and reference to RISC-V for students and embedded systems programmers. It has one chapter per RV instruction extension, 50 pages of instruction definitions, a reference (“green”) card, and code comparisons to ARM, MIPS, & x86.

The RISC-V Reader is also available in Chinese (free PDF), Japanese (¥3,240), Portuguese (free PDF) and Spanish (free PDF).

Authors: David Patterson & Andrew Waterman
Availability: September 10, 2017
Edition: Beta
Pages: 192
Price on Amazon: $19.99
ISBN-13: 978-0999249116
Publisher: Strawberry Canyon


Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach

“Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach is a classic that, like fine wine,
just keeps getting better.”
James Hamilton, Amazon Web Services

The leading graduate course/ professional book in computer architecture will use RISC-V in its sixth edition. All chapters were updated plus a new one added on Domain Specific Architecture, e.g., the Google TPU.

Authors: John Hennessy & David Patterson
Availability: December 15, 2017
Edition: 6th
Pages: ~900
Price on Amazon: $90
ISBN-13: 978-0128119051
Publisher: Elsevier

Now also available in Japanese!

Digital Design and Computer Architecture: RISC-V Edition

The newest addition to the Harris and Harris family of Digital Design and Computer Architecture books, this RISC-V Edition covers the fundamentals of digital logic design and reinforces logic concepts through the design of a RISC-V microprocessor. Combining an engaging and humorous writing style with an updated and hands-on approach to digital design, this book takes the reader from the fundamentals of digital logic to the actual design of a processor. By the end of this book, readers will be able to build their own RISC-V microprocessor and will have a top-to-bottom understanding of how it works.

Authors: Sarah Harris & David Harris
Availability: July 12, 2021
Pages: 592
Price on Amazon: $63.19 Kindle 
ISBN-13: 978-0128200643
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann