The RISC-V ecosystem has local events groups worldwide where people meet to discuss RISC-V innovations and implementations. Read on to find out more about local groups in Austin, the Bay Area, Bristol, Cambridge, Israel, Pune, the Rocky Mountain Area and Shanghai, plus many more!

North America

City Materials Next Meetup
Austin Area RISC-V Group TBD
Bay Area RISC-V Group April 16, 2020
Video (YouTube)
Audio Transcript
Slides – TileLink Intro (SiFive)
Slides – Tofino (Intel)
Slides – OmniXtend (WD)

May 20, 2020

Video (YouTube)
Slides – SweRV Cores, Metrics.caJune 4, 2020
RISC-V in Avionics, Bertrand Tavernier, Thales Group [Video]
Motor Control Applications, Onno Martens, Trinamic [Video]
Where are they using RISC-V, Frans Sjistermans, NVIDIA [Video]
TRocky Mountain Area RISC-V Group TBD
San Diego RISC-V Group TBD
Seattle RISC-V Group April 2, 2020
Video (YouTube)
Slides (Andes)
Slides (Imperas)
Toronto Area RISC-V Group TBD
Twin Cities RISC-V Group June 17, 2020 (online)
RISC-V in Storage Application, Ted Marena, Western Digital
Building a high powered AI/ML accelerator with RISC-V, John Min, Andes

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

City Materials Next Meetup
Bristol RISC-V Group TBD
Cambridge RISC-V Group TBD
Duisburg RISC-V Group September 22, 2020 (online)
Göteborg RISC-V Group TBD
Israel RISC-V Group April 23, 2020
Video (YouTube)
Slides – Cacheable Overlay Mgr (WD)
Slides – SweRV Support Package (Codasip)
Slides – Debug & Trace (UltraSoC)

June 8, 2020
AI: Scale from Edge to Server with RISC-V and Linux – Florian Wohlrab, Andes (Video) (Slides)
SiFive Freedom Studio Integrated Debug Environment, Vadim Malenboim, SiFive (Video) (Slides)

London RISC-V Group TBD
Munich RISC-V Group April 28, 2020
Video (YouTube)

June 25, 2020 (online)
Slides coming soon

Vienna RISC-V Group TBD

Asia-Pacific Region

City Materials Next Meetup
Hsinchu RISC-V Group July 16, 2020 (online)
Japan RISC-V Group TBD
Osaka RISC-V Group TBD
Pune RISC-V Group TBD
Tokyo RISC-V Group TBD
Tokyo RISC-V Technical Study Group April 2020 Update TBD
Shanghai RISC-V Group July 5, 2020 September, 2020