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Big Data Academy, ICT CAS

        The Big Data Research Institute of the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the “Institute of Mathematics”), located on the 8th floor of Wisdom Island Building, Longzi Lake, Zhengdong New District, is a “product” created by the Zhengzhou Municipal Government and Zhengdong New District Management Committee. A new type of R&D institution that combines “, study and research” was officially listed on Wisdom Island on December 22, 2018.

Relying on the Institute of Computing Technology and the National Engineering Laboratory of Big Data Analysis System, and combining with the construction needs of the National Big Data (Henan) Comprehensive Experimental Zone, the Institute of Mathematics develops talent training bases, undertakes major national strategic tasks, and develops independent and controllable incubation big data The big data-related work of innovative industry teams such as, cloud computing, smart manufacturing, etc., to build a big data industry chain, value chain, and ecological chain to provide an intellectual engine for a digital economy with “data as a key element”.

The Mathematics Research Institute builds an open pattern of “one body and two wings”, creating an ecological closed loop of “politics, industry, learning, research, and use”. Among them, “One” is scientific research, starting from the Big Data Research Institute, building a big data and intelligent computing innovation platform, a series of research and development oriented to national strategies and promoting local development; “Two Wings” are industry and education, through the research extension of the Institute of Digital Research, Support the development of the big data industry and talent training.

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