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Cobham Gaisler

Cobham Gaisler, a subsidiary of Cobham plc, is based in central Gothenburg, Sweden, and has grown to include over 30 employees specialized in processor development since the start in 2001. The company is a world leader in processors for aerospace applications and the main products are the SPARC / LEON line of processors and the GRLIB IP core library used for System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions. In addition, support services, development tools and software targeting embedded processors are developed and provided by Cobham Gaisler. Our customers are found across the globe, mainly within the space industry but also in consumer electronics. We offer a creative environment where our colleagues can influence their work and have the possibility to work within several projects ranging from computer architecture, IP core development, SoC design to ASIC synthesis and test. Since all hardware development takes place in-house at Cobham Gaisler, a unique expertise within SoC and microprocessor design is at hand. Cobham Gaisler seeks to extends its range of processors with a line of RISC-V based products.

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