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UltraSoC Blog Post: RISC-V: Are We There Yet…?

By May 18, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

With any new technology, and particular with an open standard, the question of ‘are we there yet’ will always arise. And, of course, many never go anywhere.
Remember Bluetooth? It so far outstripped expectations, that it was difficult to tell which way it was heading; but today, its success and its huge growth and industry adoption cannot be questioned… hindsight is great, isn’t it?
Why compare RISC-V with a technology like Bluetooth? Well, they are both open standards of course – but also the industry is again trying something new: to turn perceived thinking on its head, to see if a non-proprietary platform can attract the ecosystem, the development, the robust standard, security, and of course, more than anything the support of the industry.  That backing includes R&D investment and trials – the backing needed to take it from the labs and into end products; it also includes getting sufficient financial backing from the industry, plus acceptance across software, design and other parts of the ecosystem, to build and maintain the momentum any standard needs.
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