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VLSI System Design: RISC-V Workshop @IIT Madras – Day 2

By July 20, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

Though the 2-day RISC-V Workshop has come to an end at IIT Madras, trust the magic of beginnings. Not only was this workshop a boost to the RISC-V ecosystem, it was also a boost to the Indian start-up ecosystem, where now, you and I can start a processor company, without legal hassles.
Why so? The ISA is open-source, and many RISC-V CPU cores are available on GitHub and free to download, and on top of that, if I say, we are on the path where you can now implement your core using open-source EDA tools… Wowww… That’s a new, exciting, never-seen-before model in the semiconductor industry. All you need is a push from within and think like an “entrepreneur” – by the way, that’s how Amazon, Facebook, Google and even Apple had started-up…
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