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Electronics-Lab Article: Catena 4710 – Lorawan Based Feather-Compatible FPGA Board With RISC-V Core

By February 6, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

With the increase of high integration programmable chips, FPGAs are getting more and more popular. FPGAs has been traditionally known to be generally complex, but a new line of FPGAs have been showing some promise and that will help increase their popularity. Tiny FPGAs are the next promising thing, they are low-cost FPGA boards in a small form factor, and are generally easy to use.
MCCI Corporation a USB System expert who has also been venturing in the line of IoT solutions has recently tipped a Catena 4710 FPGA board which is a “feather-compatible FPGA board that can easily fit into your pocket and comes with a RISC-V core with support for Lora Networks.
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