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How Data-Centric Applications Can Capitalize On RISC-V Processor Innovation

By March 21, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

This article explores how RISC-V, combined with open-source collaboration and standards, is enabling innovation and purpose-built technologies among software engineers, system architects, CTOs, and board designers. It also touches on the possible impact that RISC-V and open source trends could have on the future of data-centric application experiences.
Advancements in machine learning, analytics and other data-centric applications are increasingly leading to new capabilities and insights for autonomous vehicles, customized medicine, preventative maintenance and more. Yet their potential is limited by traditional one-size-fits-all processors and technologies. To fully unlock their potential will require us to move beyond the general-purpose processors, to purpose-built processors, such as RISC-V provides.
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