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Last article we got LoRa (the long-range, low-bandwidth wireless network) running on Apache NuttX OS…

  • “LoRa SX1262 on Apache NuttX OS”

Today we shall run LoRaWAN on NuttX OS!


Why would we need LoRaWAN?

LoRa will work perfectly fine for unsecured Point-to-Point Wireless Communication between simple devices.

But if we’re building an IoT Sensor Device that will transmit data packets securely to a Local Area Network or to the internet, we need LoRaWAN. (More about LoRaWAN)

We shall test LoRaWAN on NuttX with PineDio Stack BL604 RISC-V Board (pic above) and its onboard Semtech SX1262 Transceiver. (LoRaWAN on NuttX will probably run on ESP32, since we’re calling standard NuttX Interfaces)

See the full tutorial. 

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