“Patterson and Hennessy brilliantly address the issues in the ever changing computer hardware architecture.”
Professor Jae Oh, Syracuse

  • AuthorsDavid Patterson & John Hennessy
  • AvailabilityNow
  • EditionRISC-V 5th
  • Pages676
  • Price on Amazon$65
  • Price on Amazon$65
  • ISBN-13978-0128122754
  • PublisherElsevier

Likely the most popular undergraduate textbook in computer architecture now has a version using RISC-V.

“I like RISC-V and this book as they are elegant—brief, to the point, and complete.”
C. Gordon Bell, Designer of the PDP-11 and VAX-11 instruction set architectures

  • AuthorsDavid Patterson & Andrew Waterman
  • AvailabilitySeptember 10, 2017
  • EditionBeta
  • Pages192
  • Price on Amazon$19.99
  • ISBN-13: 978-0999249116
  • PublisherStrawberry Canyon

A slim introduction and reference to RISC-V for students and embedded systems programmers. It has one chapter per RV instruction extension, 50 pages of instruction definitions, a reference (“green”) card, and code comparisons to ARM, MIPS, & x86.

The RISC-V Reader is also available in Chinese (free PDF), Japanese (¥3,240), Portuguese (free PDF) and Spanish (free PDF).

“Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach is a classic that, like fine wine,
just keeps getting better.”
James Hamilton, Amazon Web Services

  • AuthorsJohn Hennessy & David Patterson
  • AvailabilityDecember 15, 2017
  • Edition6th
  • Pages~900
  • Price on Amazon$90
  • ISBN-13978-0128119051
  • PublisherElsevier

The leading graduate course/ professional book in computer architecture will use RISC-V in its sixth edition. All chapters were updated plus a new one added on Domain Specific Architecture, e.g., the Google TPU.