RISC-V is disrupting the semiconductor industry with a free and open ISA.

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RISC-V: The Free and Open RISC Instruction Set Architecture

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RISC-V is disrupting the semiconductor industry.
A free and open ISA brings unconstrained opportunity and an engaged community,
enabling processor, hardware, and software innovations through open collaboration.

RISC-V Member Day 2020

In place of our usual in-person member day in conjunction with RISC-V Summit, this year we will hold it virtually. Member Day will contain updates on RISC-V, updates on the working group activities, and time for networking.


The third annual RISC-V Summit will highlight the continued rapid expansion of the RISC-V ecosystem, presenting both commercial offerings and exciting open-source developments. The comprehensive program will feature keynotes from industry pioneers as well as thought-provoking panel discussions. Network with thought-leaders, technology companies, and researchers spearheading the adoption of this evolutionary change in the silicon market. Newcomers to RISC-V, as well as the seasoned developers who are interested in broadening their toolsets, are invited to choose from the broad range of tutorials.


What is Processor Core Complexity?

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This blog was originally published on the Codasip blog.   The more complex a processor core, the larger the area and power consumption. But increasing complexity is not a single…

What is Needed to Support an Operating System?

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This blog was originally published on the Codasip blog.   For each embedded product, software developers need to consider whether they need an operating system; and if so, what type…

In the News

Pine64’s PINECIL RISC-V soldering iron launched for $25 | Jean-Luc Aufranc, CNX Software

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We’ve previously mentioned PINECIL RISC-V soldering iron during Pine64’s release of PineCube open-source IP camera development kit, and the good news is the soldering iron is now available for $24.99…

Using AI And Bugs To Find Other Bugs | Ann Steffora Mutschler, Semiconductor Engineering

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New methodologies are being developed to deal with increasing complexity. Debug is starting to be rethought and retooled as chips become more complex and more tightly integrated into packages or…


RISC-V International Announces Agenda for the Third Annual RISC-V Summit

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The leading RISC-V conference will be held virtually this year, featuring keynotes, tutorials, exhibitions, networking opportunities and more WHAT: The RISC-V International Association has announced the online program for the…

RISC-V Global Forum: Technology. Opportunity. Community.

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The schedule for RISC-V Global Forum is live! We have an exciting lineup of keynotes, session presentations, lightning talks, ask the experts, sponsor exhibits, and networking opportunities. Below you can…

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