The growth and popularity of RISC-V can be attributed to the many regional and industry alliances we maintain around the world. Regional alliances are able to communicate locally, provide local events, and maintain relationships in a way that no single organization could do on its own. Likewise, industry alliances create multiple feedback channels on both technical and non-technical topics that help both the RISC-V community and the industries using the RISC-V technology. We are grateful for the many regional and industry alliances that keep RISC-V an international and vibrant community.

台灣RISC-V聯盟  –  RISC-V Taiwan Alliance




In order to help Taiwan’s industry enter the AIoT (artificial intelligence + Internet of Things) era, and cut into the commercial market from the open architecture of embedded CPUs, the chairman of the “Taiwan Internet of Things Industry Technology Association” Huang Chongren proposes to cooperate with Powerchip, Zhicheng, and Aegis , Andes, MediaTek, Ruixiang, Power Semiconductor Manufacturing, Liwang, Embedded Translation and other sponsoring companies, “Taiwan RISC-V Alliance” held a launching ceremony on March 7, 108, and invited the Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Many professors from Taiwan, Qing Dynasty and Jiaotong attended the meeting to witness.

The main purpose of the establishment of the “Taiwan RISC-V Alliance” is to jointly assist in the introduction of the RISC-V open architecture into Taiwan through the three-party cooperation of industry, academia, and research, and connect the resources of the RISC-V ecosystem at home and abroad, so that Taiwan’s industry can start from R&D. , Design to application, can have AIoT integration capabilities, and take advantage of 5G communication trends and business opportunities, thereby enhancing Taiwan’s industrial competitiveness.

The RISC-V open architecture allows manufacturers to quickly develop new applications, especially for new entrepreneurs, not only can save authorization costs in the development phase, but also increase the exclusive instruction set according to their own needs, without being restricted by the original authorization. This is a new opportunity for Taiwan’s technology industry. We invite everyone to join the “Taiwan RISC-V Alliance”.

Shakti Open Source Processor Development Ecosystem

India’s First Indigenious Microprocessor!

The SHAKTI Processor Program, was started as an academic initiative back in 2014 by the Reconfigurable Intelligent Systems Engineering (RISE) group at IIT-Madras. It is completely Open-source. The major aim is to bridge the gap between academia and industry, to provide innovative and customized solutions without the hassles of royalties!

RISC-V 協会日本  –  RISC-V Association Japan


RISC-V協会はRISC-V International の国内外のメンバ企業有志が運営する協会です。メンバ企業の立場から国内外業界団体のRISC-V イベント企画を支援し、RISC-V International が定義するMember Sponsored EventとMeetupを主催または援助します。現在はSHコンサルティング(株)が幹事企業を務めています。 The RISC-V Association is an association run by volunteers from domestic and overseas member companies of RISC-V International. From the standpoint of a member company, we support RISC-V event planning for domestic and foreign industry groups, and host or support Member Sponsored Events and Meetups defined by RISC-V International. Currently, SH Consulting Co., Ltd. is the managing company.

中国开放指令生态(RISC-V)联盟  –  China Open Command Ecosystem (RISC-V) Alliance

中国开放指令生态(RISC-V)联盟(英文缩写为CRVA,以下简称“联盟”)旨在召集从事RISC-V指令集、架构、芯片、软件、整机应用等产业链各环节企事业单位及相关社会团体,自愿组成一个全国性、综合性、联合性、非营利性的社团组织。 The China Open Command Ecosystem (RISC-V) Alliance (CRVA in English, hereinafter referred to as the “Alliance”) aims to convene enterprises and institutions engaged in RISC-V instruction set, architecture, chips, software, and complete machine applications. Relevant social organizations voluntarily form a national, comprehensive, joint, and non-profit organization.

为推广RISC-V尽些薄力  –  CNRV


国内的RISC-V爱好者利用Github协作的方式,以双周简报的方式为大家带来最新的RISC-V相关咨询,同时在微信公众号和CNRV站点上发布。内容覆盖RISC-V邮件列表、行业新闻、项目进展以及各类点评。也欢迎大家关注CNRV公众号获取最新信息。 Domestic RISC-V enthusiasts use Github collaboration to bring you the latest RISC-V related consultations in the form of bi-weekly briefings, which are also published on the WeChat public account and CNRV site. The content covers the RISC-V mailing list, industry news, project progress and various comments. You are also welcome to follow the CNRV official account for the latest information.

中国RISC-V产业联盟  –  China RISC-V Industry Consortium


中国RISC-V产业联盟(CRVIC)由中国65家主要RISC-V企业和机构于2018年9月20日在上海共同成立。 作为第一个中国本地RISC-V联盟,CRVIC在多个方面支持和协助全球RISC-V基金会,并与于2018年11月成立的中国RISC-V联盟(CRVA)建立了友好的合作关系。 The China RISC-V Industry Consortium (CRVIC) was co-established in Shanghai on September 20, 2018 by 65 main RISC-V enterprises and institutions in China. As the first China local RISC-V alliance, CRVIC supports and assists the global RISC-V Foundation in several aspects, and has a friendly collaborative relationship with China RISC-V Alliance (CRVA), which was set up in November 2018.

>北京开源硅创新中心  –  Beijing Open Source Silicon Innovation Center


北京开源硅创新中心是由海淀区政府,北京市科学技术委员会,北京边缘计算研究院发起的非企业私营组织。 它将着重于源头上的集成电路创新,部署全球标准以及创建高质量的国际开源平台。 致力于在海淀区营造“硬核”创新氛围,培育集成电路设计人才和团队的未来发展潜力,促进全国集成电路产业的创新发展。 Beijing Open Source Silicon Innovation Center is a private non-enterprise organization initiated by the Haidian District Government, Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Academy of Edge Computing. It will focus on innovation of integrated circuits at its source, deploying global standards, and creating high quality International open source platform. It is commited to create a “hard-core” innovation atmosphere in Haidian District, nurture future development potential of integrated circuits design talents and teams, and promote innovation and development of the national integrated circuits industry.

European Commission Study on Open Source Software and Hardware

The European Commission is launching a study which shall investigate in detail the economic impact of open source software (OSS) and open source hardware (OSH) on the European economy. The study should identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of open source in relevant ICT policies.


GlobalPlatform has a legacy of successful technical specification development and market adoption thanks to two decades of energetic and effective industry collaboration.

GlobalPlatform members work together to ensure the association’s specifications align with existing and emerging market requirements. Our members share a common goal to develop GlobalPlatform specifications, which are highly regarded as the international standard for enabling digital services and devices to be trusted and securely managed throughout their lifecycle.

OpenForum Europe

OpenForum Europe (OFE) is a not-for-profit, Brussels-based independent think tank which explains the merits of openness in computing to policy makers and communities across Europe.

The openness principles which guide all our activities are: user centricity, competition, flexibility, sustainability, and the importance of relying on the support of a transparent and open community. Our Vision Paper “Towards an Open Digital Single Market” further explains how these principles apply to the DSM.

Originally launched in 2002 to accelerate and broaden the use of Open Source Software (OSS) among businesses, consumers and governments, OFE’s focus has since evolved. OFE currently maintains a Policy Research and Development team based in Brussels, which is supported both by our network of supporters and by specific specialist advisors. The main policy topics that we cover are: standardisation, e-Government, public procurement, copyright, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

CHIPS Alliance

The CHIPS Alliance develops high-quality, open source hardware designs relevant to silicon devices and FPGAs. By creating an open and collaborative environment, CHIPS Alliance shares resources to lower the cost of development. Companies and individuals can work together to develop open source CPUs, various peripherals, and complex IP blocks. CHIPS Alliance is open to all organizations who are interested in collaborating on open source hardware or software tools to accelerate the creation of more efficient and innovative chip designs.

OpenHW Group

OpenHW Group is a not-for-profit, global organization driven by its members and individual contributors where hardware and software designers collaborate in the development of open-source cores, related IP, tools and software. OpenHW provides an infrastructure for hosting high quality open-source HW developments in line with industry best practices. was conceptualized to provide the Hardware & Security community with a platform to discuss & solve issues pertaining to hardware security. The objective of the conference revolves around key concerns in hardware, firmware, & related protocols.

Winter Classic Invitational Cluster Competition

The Winter Classic is the newest major Student Cluster Competition, fitting nicely between the SC competition in November and the ASC competition in April. This is a virtual cluster competition, meaning that students will run their benchmarks and HPC applications remotely on systems in their team sponsors’ data center. Student teams will work with their vendor to design and configure a remote cluster that gives them the best performance while staying under the 3,000 watt power limit.