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Renesas R9A06G150 ASSP EASY Voice HMI Kit

Organization: Renesas Electronics

The ASSP EASY Voice HMI Kit is based on the R9A06G150 RISC-V ASSP. It is an edge voice recognition development kit designed to be used by Ecosystem Partners, Application Engineers, Field Application Engineers, and for Business Development opportunities. The primary purpose is to evaluate the functionality of projects developed by Ecosystem Partners, and to facilitate the development of additional partner projects. The heart of the kit is the QFN 48 pin ASSP device, complemented by a QSPI flash with large data storage capabilities, operational amplifier, audio codec and power devices chosen from the Renesas product portfolio. The kit enables engineers to easily test and evaluate the performance of the ASSP in a laboratory environment to implement voice driven human machine interfaces, capable of spotting activation keywords and perform audio driven command execution. It kit can be powered directly from the USB port of a Host PC for demo purpose and includes both analog and digital microphones on-board. Features: MICROPHONES (AJDIO INPUT), PDM MEMS digital microphones, 2 MEMS analog microphones, 2 I2S MEMS digital microphones (optional, not populated on the board). AUDIO OUTPUTS: One stereo audio headphone jack supporting mono output on both channels. External memory: one QSPI flash memory device, Renesas AT25QF128A-SHB-T, 128M-bit (16MB), with support for XIP (eXecute In Place) mode, to be used for storing customer specific audio files and extensions.


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