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Design & Reuse Article: Dolphin Integration Announces The Availability Of Its RISC-V Subsystem: RV32 Tornado

Dolphin Integration, a major leader in energy-efficient IPs, announces the availability of its RISC-V subsystem called RV32 Tornado.
This MCU subsystem has been designed to fit the IoT requirements in terms of area and low-power consumption. It is fully configurable to enable a fast design-in and fast time-to-market. The RV32 Tornado subsystem embeds:

  • an adapted version of thePULP zero-riscy core from ETH-Zurich
  • a typical set of peripherals: GPIO, UART, SPI, I2C, Timers and watchdog
  • standard AHB/APB interfaces
  • an ultra-low power cache controller
  • a debug unit with JTAG interface integrating advanced features

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