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Embedded Computing Design Article: Impressions From The Recent RISC-V Workshop In Barcelona

By May 18, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

I was at the RISC-V Workshop in Barcelona a last week. I came away with plenty of food for thought. There’s serious momentum gathering behind the RISC-V concept, and a growing commercial ecosystem surrounding it. But it’s very clear that we’ve still a long way to go to make it truly pervasive; when I say pervasive, I’m comparing it with technologies like Bluetooth, USB, and Ethernet. And with certain global regions lagging behind, there remains a question of whether it’s going to be a global success.
First, the good news. In terms of participants, last week’s Workshop was the RISC-V Foundation’s most successful event outside of Silicon Valley. Attendance stood at 320, with representation from big-name tech companies, start-ups, academics, and even hobbyists. There was a lot to see in terms of companies showing off how and where progress is being made by the RISC-V community.
Take a look at the proceedings. People travelled from far and wide to get involved with RISC-V and to be part of the community.
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