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SemiInsight Article: Is RISC-V Ready to Change the World?

By July 23, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

Arm’s advantages of business models and ecosystems have changed dramatically over the past decade with the development of open source movement and popularization of the Internet. The development of the RISC-V ecosystem is particularly rapid. Seeing the huge potential of RISC-V architecture, over 150 companies have joined the Foundation.
“China’s flourishing semiconductor landscape plays a key role in the RISC-V Foundation’s mission to transform the microprocessor IP market through open standard collaboration,” said Rick O’Connor, executive director of the RISC-V Foundation. RISC-V Day Shanghai was recently held in Fudan University in Shanghai, China, attended by 340 guests from 120  companies and 26 universities, exchanging updates on new projects and implementations within the RISC-V ecosystem. Dr. Charlie Su from Andes Technology introduced AndeStar™ V5 Architecture and AndesCore™. Jack Kang from SiFive introduced their new E2 Series RISC-V Core IP. Bob Hu from Nuclei System introduced Ultra-Low-Power Open-Source Core Hummingbird E200 series and how they boost the spread of RISC-V in China. Martin Croome from GreenWaves introduced the new ultra-low power IoT processor GAP8.
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