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VLSI System Design Article: RISC-V Workshop @IIT Madras – Day 1

By July 19, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

If you have been following our blogs and website for past many years, you would have seen our logo, our banner which says, “open to innovate” or “design at $0.” These were our company’s mantra for past few years now. Remember….I must say, we witnessed our ‘mantra’ at day 1 of RISC-V workshop, with India adopting RISC-V national ISA. It’s not far that we will see many innovations in the world of open-source from India. Why I say so? Let me brief you about day 1 of RISC-V Workshop.
It started with a welcome speech from Prof. Kamakoti Veezinathan at IIT Madras and G S Madhusudhan, Principal Scientist, CEO and Co-founder of InCore Semiconductors – India-based company and a leading provider of silicon proven RISC-V processor and SoC IP.
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