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Electronic Specifier Article: Software Heads Into The Clouds And SoCs Take Center Stage

By August 17, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

This year’s DAC (Design Automation Conference) in San Francisco highlighted the role of the cloud in design resources and showed that partnerships are vital for efficient SoC design. Electronic Specifier’s Caroline Hayes explains.
The virtues of RISC-V architecture was being promoted by the RISC-V Foundation Pavilion. The collection of companies represented in San Francisco was a lively hub, with presentations and demos.
An impressive, international list of companies that support the architecture was displayed behind presenters showing the member companies. The foundation was established in 2015, with six companies, now there are over 100, said Executive Director, Rick O’Conner. The mission statement is to continue industry growth, adding members and to encourage the use of the open source and proprietary implementations of RISC-V. Already, reported O’Conner, universities have changed their curriculum to be RISC-V based. “Undergraduates like it because it is free and open,” he said, adding that it shared the curriculum and papers mean that it is being shared as a standard at the grass roots stages.
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