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Telangana Today Article: RISC-V To Help India’s Electronics Sector

By August 20, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

At a time when the Indian electronics and semiconductor industry is dependent heavily on imports, the government’s recently launched India Microprocess Program is all set to change the dynamics of the industry. The program being run under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has started working on developing applications using the open standard architecture called RISC-V – started at UC Berkeley.
The RISC-V is open source architecture that makes designing processors cheaper and more secure and two Indian institutes – IIT-Madras and Center for Development of Advanced Computing – which are part of the RISC-V foundation – are developing cores.
Speaking at RISC-V Tech Symposium tour organized by SiFive and Open Silicon, Keshav Dattatreya Nayak, scientist and former director general DRDO said, “The RISC-V architecture meets the requirements for India to develop its own microprocessor and chips. It is easily available which means that there is no cost of licencing, secondly it is secure as the user can reconfigure and put additional inputs as they desire and finally it supports all kinds of software making it flexible. This is important for India if it wants to develop its own microprocessor and reduce its dependence on imports.”
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