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PacktPub Article: A Libre GPU Effort Based On RISC-V, Rust, LLVM And Vulkan By The Developer Of An Earth-Friendly Computer

By October 2, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments
An open-source libre GPU project is under the works by Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton. He is the hardware engineer who developed the EOMA68, an earth-friendly computer.
The project already has access to $250k USD in funding. The basic idea for this “libre GPU” is to use a RISC-V processor.
The GPU will be mostly software-based. It will leverage the LLVM compiler infrastructure and utilize a software-based Vulkan renderer to emit code and run on the RISC-V processor. The Vulkan implementation will be used for writing in the Rust programming language.
The project’s current road-map has details only on the software side of figuring out the RISC-V LLVM back-end state. Work is being done on writing a user-space graphics driver, implementing the necessary bits for the proposed RISC-V extensions like “Simple-V”. While doing this, they will start figuring out the hardware design and the rest of the project. The road-map is quite simplified for the arduous task at hand.

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