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Elektronikknett Article: Can RISC-V Be The Solution?

By November 14, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

Since Silicon Valley veteran David Patterson recently declared Moore’s law is dead, Sander Arts, a consultant for the semiconductor company SiFive, has been discussing the necessary and inevitable hardware revolution. Many question what will be the next driver in the semiconductor market and the answer is: the siliconization of everything and the IoT. These are exciting times for the semiconductor industry, but there are still some obstacles to consider. Moore’s law is beginning to lose its validity, and increasing design costs are hindering innovation. The cost of developing new products doubled from 20 nm to 16/14 nm. Sander Arts notes that the number of disciplines involved in the industry are increasing.
Even though the costs have begun to scare away investors from the semiconductor industry,  SiFive retrieved $64 million to bet on RISC-V and Western Digital committed to transition over one billion processors to RISC-V each year. “Open software has already changed much of the economy in innovation,” says Arts, and the same goes for open hardware, such as Arduino.
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