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In the News Article: SiFive Extends Portfolio With 7 Series RISC-V Cores

By November 16, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

At the recent Linley Fall Processor Conference in Santa Clara, Jack Kang, SiFive’s VP of Product Marketing introduced SiFive’s Core IP 7 Series.Designed to power devices requiring Embedded Intelligence and Intelligence Everywhere, the cores allow scalability, efficient performance and customization. The Core IP 7 Series is suited for use in consumer devices (AR/VR gaming, wearables), storage and networking (5G, SSD, SAN, NAS) and AI/ML/edge (sensor hubs, gateways, IoT, autonomous machines).
The 7 Series product family includes the E7, S7, and the U7 product series. The E7 Core IP Series comprises the 32-bit E76 and E76-MC and provides hard real-time capabilities. The SiFive Core IP S7 Series brings high-performance 64-bit architectures to the embedded markets with the S76 and S76-MC. The SiFive Core IP U7 Series is a Linux-capable applications processor with a highly configurable memory architecture for domain-specific customization. The 64-bit U74 and U74-MC, like all SiFive U cores, fully support Linux, while the E76, E76-MC, S76, S76-MC support bare metal environments and real-time operating systems.
The broad portfolio of cores enabled by the 7 Series feature low power consumption, 64-bit addressability, tight accelerator coupling, and custom instruction allowance. These features are new to the market and provide the highest performance commercial RISC-V processor IP available today. The SiFive Core IP 7 Series raises the bar with hardware-based, real-time capabilities and unprecedented scalability.
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