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VentureBeat Article: Esperanto Technologies Raises $58 Million For 7-Nanometer AI Chips

By November 6, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

The artificial intelligence (AI) chips business is hot — red hot, by most accounts. Intel, Google, AMD, Arm, and others are vying for a market some analysts forecast will be worth $91 billion by 2025, and they’re not the only ones. Four-year-old San Francisco startup Esperanto Technologies has a stake in the race, too, and it’s making small but meaningful steps toward challenging the sector’s incumbents.
Esperanto this week announced a $58 million series B funding round led by “numerous” undisclosed venture and strategic capital investors, bringing its total haul to date to $63 million. CEO Dave Ditzel said the cash infusion will help to accelerate development of its first-generation chip lineup.
The startup — which counts Western Digital as one of its previous investment partners — aims to develop energy efficient, high-performance compute solutions based on RISC-V, an open source and royalty-free instruction set architecture (ISA). RISC-V isn’t the first open computing architecture, but it’s designed to be useful in a wide range of devices and has a substantial body of supporting organizations that includes Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Qualcomm, Oracle, Nvidia, and others.
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