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Building Out The RISC-V Ecosystem

By December 21, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments
What is an ecosystem and what is not? How does the term ecosystem apply to RISC-V and it’s open-source architecture? Markus Levy and Robert Oshana of NXP weigh in on RISC-V as an ecosystem, where that ecosystem is today, and discusses new developments in RISC-V.

It’s all about the ecosystem. It always was, and I’m guessing it always will be. The ecosystem topic du jour is RISC-V. Granted, it’s a new architecture—actually just an instruction set—but the ecosystem isn’t quite ready for prime time. It’s close, and getting closer every day, but it’s not yet where it needs to be for full-blown, mainstream product development and subsequently, for industry adoption.
For RISC-V to be successful in the long term, it requires a significant and deep ecosystem of partners and innovators that can push the RISC-V momentum forward. In particular, the software components must become more important.
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