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In the News Article: Kriste Asanovic, Chairman Of The RISC-V Foundation: The RISC-V Ecology Continues To Grow And Develop

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Not only are more companies accepting and adopting RISC-V, more governments are adopting it. India has already used RISC-V as a national ISA transaction, DARPA in the United States requires RISC in the security collection proposal and Israel is also building a RISC-V based incubator. You have freedom when you choose RISC-V.
Directed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, China Semiconductor Industry Association, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, Beijing Sadie Exhibition Co., Ltd., China Electronics News and Shanghai IC Industry Association, the first global IC Entrepreneur Conference and the 16th China International Semiconductor Expo (IC China2018) was held in Shanghai from December 11th to 13th. The theme of the conference was “Open Development, Cooperation and Win-Win”, and more than ten countries and regions were represented. Entrepreneurs participated in the conference and more than 200 domestic and foreign companies participated. RISC-V Foundation Chairman Krste Asanovic said in his speech that the difference between RISC-V is that it is simple, simple, smaller than other commercial ISAs, can add new features, and it is very stable.
RISC-V is an instruction set architecture, an architecture that computers can understand. Why is RISC-V so important? Why is the instruction set important? So far, no instruction set is open source besides RISC-V. This is very important. Companies will come and go as long as their patents and profit are built on the architecture. If the company fails in the future, you must transfer your software to the new one. If the software world you build is based on these hardware, then you can’t control it when things change.
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