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Next Gen News Article: A Feather-Compatible FPGA Board Running A RISC-V Core With LoRaWAN

By December 11, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

We’ve seen a number of interesting trends this year in the microcontroller market, so it’s perhaps somewhat fitting that as the year draws to a close we have a new board ties four of the major trends together. An FPGA board running a soft RISC-V core, with onboard LoRaWAN, in a Feather form factor.

Put together by Terrill Moore, the CEO of MCCI, the prototype board is based on a Lattice Semiconductor ICE40 UltraPlus FPGA running a soft RISC-V core from the internal 128KB SRAM. On the flip side of the board is a HopeRF RFM95W wireless module is built around the Semtech SX1276 to provide LoRa support.

The board isn’t on the market yet, and beyond Moore’s own tweets details around the board are pretty sparse. However, if you were at the RISC-V Summit in Santa Clara last week, the board was on display at the MCCI booth in the exhibit hall. If you have more details, we’d love to take a look at it, and I know I’d really like to see it go into production.
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