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Geeky Gadgets Article: Fomu FPGA Dev Board Is Small Enough To Fit Inside A USB Port

By January 14, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Developer and hardware designer Sutajio Kosagi has created a tiny FPGA board which is small enough to fit inside your USB port. Available from $39 the Fomu is now available to purchase via Crowd Supply with worldwide shipping expected to take place during June 2019. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Fomu FPGA board and its features and specifications.
Fomu is a programmable FPGA device equipped with four buttons, an RGB LED, and an FPGA that is compatible with a fully open source chain and capable of running a RISC-V core. Fomu comes in a custom plastic enclosure that slots perfectly into a USB Type-A port. “Except for a small area that pokes out to give you access to four copper pads. There is one RGB LED that lights up the case and is fully user-controllable. The main chip is an FPGA with about 5000 LUTs, enough for a CPU with some room left over.”
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