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Electronics Weekly Article: Embedded World: Trinamic Chooses RISC-V For Intelligent Motor Driver Chip

By February 28, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

German chip firm Trinamic has chosen RISC-V  for the processor inside its latest generation of motor drivers – it specializes in drivers with advanced features, aimed at high-performance positioning systems like servos and those in computer controlled machines.
Dubbed Rocinante (named from both Don Quixote and The Expanse, according to the firm), it is claimed to be the first motor driver with a RISC-V core – the MCU will run the application layer, providing a user interface or executing bus protocols, for example.
According to a Trinamic statemant: “Actuators, motors and mechanical components typically have a long product lifetime, so the longevity of the components is crucial for device manufacturers. The RISC-V ISA [instruction set] is stable and there are no obligations or license agreements which could prohibit long-term road-mapping, development or technology transfer.”’
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