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Phoronix Article: Amazon Adds RISC-V Support To FreeRTOS

By February 27, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Amazon AWS has added support for the RISC-V open-source processor architecture to their FreeRTOS kernel.
Amazon has maintained their own version of FreeRTOS, the MIT-licensed real-time operating system designed for embedded devices that works with dozens of micro-controller platforms, where they have supported OTA updates, WiFi, Bluetooth LE, and other features. The latest feature addition to Amazon FreeRTOS is RISC-V support.
Jeff Barr of Amazon Web Services announced today they have brought RISC-V (both RV32I and RV64I versions) to FreeRTOS while talking up this royalty-free processor ISA in the process. This enablement includes support for the QEMU emulator for the SiFive HiFive board, Renode emulator, and OpenISA VEGAboard.
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