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Elektronik Article: RISC V Workshop At ETH Zurich

By May 10, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

From June 11 to 13, the RISC-V Foundation organizes a RISC-V workshop in Zurich, at the ETH. It takes place in one of the most important RISC-V development centers.
Open source hardware predicts professionals a bright future. The RISC-V Foundation even speaks of a development with disruptive potential. It is intended to fundamentally change the market for processor IP. Given the recent licensing disputes between Apple and Qualcomm, the idea of ​​using open source hardware in SoCs may seem like a release. In any case, the success stories of RISC V-IP vendors and announcements by semiconductor manufacturers are fueling interest in the RISC-V license-free instruction set architecture .
The RISC-V workshop in June at ETH Zurich offers a good opportunity to take a closer look at RISC-V and get to know the experts. After all, the ETH with the Institute for Integrated Systems – especially the Department of Digital Circuits and Systems and Prof. Luca Benini – is an important development site for RISC-V processors. The PULP processor platform developed here (PULP: Parallel Ultra Low Power) was designed as a cluster – with many small energy-efficient RISC-V cores.
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