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Phoronix Article: GDB 8.3 Debugger Brings RISC-V, Terminal Styling, C++ Injection, IPv6 Connections

By May 13, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

The big GDB 8.3 feature release was just announced by Joel Brobecker. This update to the GNU Debugger comes with many improvements and new features for assisting developers.
The GNU Debugger 8.3 release brings native configurations for RISC-V GNU/Linux and RISC-V FreeBSD, support for the C-SKY CPU architecture, OpenRISC GNU/Linux support, support for terminal styling on the CLI and TUI, experimental support for compilation/injection of C++ source code into the inferior, GDB/GDBserver finally support IPv6 connections, and a variety of other improvements.
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