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Elektronik Praxis Article: RISC-V Foundation Ratifies Specifications For Base And Privileged Architectures

By August 13, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

The now validated RISC-V base modules RV32I, RV64I, and RVWMO (RISC-V Weak Memory Ordering) form the basic interface between the application software and the hardware. Developed on the basis of a codified simple instruction set architecture and modular standard extensions, they avoid fragmentation of the platform and keep the door open for future expansion.
In addition, they ensure a high degree of interoperability between different implementations. By releasing the specifications for various modules of the open instruction set architecture RISC-V, the RISC-V Foundation lays the base for further growth of the open-source ecosystem.
To read more, please visit Please note that the original article is in German.

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