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It’s a mega-mailbag day today, as we investigate two new dev kits we got this week: one is the Next Mind EEG/brain-sensor development platform with Unity SDK. The other is the HiFive+BBC Inventor Kit which uses Tynker for Micropython & block-based programming to program a ‘hand-y’ RISC-V board.We also have some really pretty E-Ink sample displays we added support for, and a silk scroll gift. BBC Doctor Who HiFive Inventor Kit – Complete Coding Kit BBC Doctor Who HiFive Inventor – Computer Only Crystals / Oscillators If you have a microcontroller or audio chip, you’re probably going to need a crystal to help it keep time. In this Great Search we’ll look at Crystals, Oscillators and even touch on Resonators. Which one do you need, and when can you use em? All that and more, with our hard-earned lessons on picking out the clock-generator you need

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