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Hardware news this week talks about NVIDIA’s treatment of Hardware Unboxed and other reviewers, the GPU and component shortages, RISC-V emergence for CPUs, and more. Sponsor: be quiet! Pure Base 500DX (on Amazon Story sources & show notes:… Watch Linus’ response here:… Watch Hardware Unboxed’s follow-up here:… Hardware news this week covers RISC-V designs and emergence via Seagate, the GPU drought extending to data center clients (especially of NVIDIA and the Ampere A100 GPUs), CPU shortages affecting system integrators, and additional stories. One of the smaller stories is about rumored RTX 3050 and 3060 (non-Ti) GPUs, with thanks to patch notes for AIDA64 listing “support for GA106” and “GA107” Ampere GPUs. We’re not sure if these are the final names, to be clear, so it could still end up being a “GTX” card, but it’s feasible that NVIDIA is trying to move RT hardware into all of its gaming-class GPUs.

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