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MUNICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OneSpin Solutions, provider of certified IC integrity verification solutions for building functionally correct, safe, secure and trusted integrated circuits, announced that it’s 360 Design Verification (DV) solutions contributed to the speedy, successful, and bug-free delivery of the OpenHW CV32E40P RISC-V core. The OpenHW Verification Task Group recognizing that simulation would not be enough collaborated with OneSpin to develop a verification plan that included formal methods to verify the family of CORE-V open-source RISC-V cores. These processors are intended to be integrated into high-volume, commercial chip projects that will require strict integrity criteria be met with respect to functional correctness, safety, trust and security.

“Working within the OpenHW Group ecosystem to verify the CORE-V family of RISC-V processors is an opportunity to demonstrate the power of our technology,” said Raik Brinkmann, President and CEO of OneSpin. “As these cores get released into the community, users can have confidence that they will be functionally correct, safe, trusted and secure. Of course, designs integrating any IP should still go through rigorous verification but using these exhaustively verified cores will help to reduce that overall effort.”


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