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Rebooting Imagination: A Heterogeneous Compute Strategy | Nitin Dahad, EE Times

By June 20, 2021June 25th, 2021No Comments

The EE Times C-Suite Interview Series

Last October, Imagination Technologies hired a new CEO, Simon Beresford-Wylie. He is Imagination’s sixth CEO in 6 years, and just like his predecessors he is committed to building on the company’s heritage in GPUs. The biggest question is if Beresford-Wylie can come up with a different way to do the same thing, only this time leading to sustained success.

Now almost nine months into the job, and with the lockdown in the U.K. easing, Beresford-Wylie was available for an exclusive interview at the firm’s revamped headquarters in Kings Langley, a rural setting about 20 miles north of London.

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