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SiFive Deepens RISC-V Core Lineup | William G. Wong, Electronic Design

By June 30, 2021July 12th, 2021No Comments

SiFive keeps cranking out new versions of its RISC-V cores. Its two most recent additions include the Performance P550 core and the Performance P270 vector core, which target high-performance computing applications. The P550 delivers a SPECInt 2006 score of 8.65/GHz, comparable to other high-end application processors.

The company’s cores are supported by a range of silicon foundries as well as a number of FPGA platforms. One of the latest additions to the mix is Intel’s foundry.

Amber Huffman, Intel Fellow and CTO of IP engineering group at Intel, says, “We are pleased to be a lead development partner with SiFive to showcase to mutual customers the impressive performance of their P550 on our 7-nm Horse Creek platform. By combining Intel’s leading-edge interface IP such as DDR and PCIe with SiFive’s highest-performance processor, Horse Creek will provide a valuable and expandable development vehicle for cutting-edge RISC-V applications.”

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