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Agile Analog brings analog IP to RISC-V International | Jean-Pierre Joosting, Design & Reuse

By July 20, 2021July 28th, 2021No Comments

As a strategic member, Agile Analog expects to widen access to its application- and process-optimised analog IP for smart and IoT devices.

Agile Analog, a supplier of highly configurable process node-agnostic analog IP building blocks, has been accepted as a strategic member by RISC-V International, the non-profit organisation which maintains RISC-V as a free and open processor instruction set architecture (ISA).

Increasing numbers of OEMs and manufacturers of SoCs and ASICs are choosing to base complex chip designs on the RISC-V architecture, as its open licence business model enables them to develop chip designs faster and to enjoy greater design flexibility than is possible when using proprietary processor architectures.

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