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Imagination Technologies Enters the CPU Space With RISC-V Architecture | Francisco Pires, Tom’s Hardware

Imagination Technologies today announced (via Design & Reuse) its financial results for the first half of 2021, which show the company is poised for a revival of sorts after achieving a 55% revenue increase YoY, capturing $76 million compared to 2020’s $49 million. And on the back of these results, Imagination has thus announced its next steps in extending its reach and doubling down on market success: the development and launch of a RISC-V CPU family, which will cater to both the discrete CPU market as well as the heterogeneous computing landscape. The company’s currently most well-known products (at least from the consumer point of view) are based on its graphics IP, with Imagination’s PowerVR graphics being integrated in all manner of smartphone chips. Adding to their graphics capabilities with an in-house interpretation of RISC-V seems like a sensible, next logical step. Interestingly, the company has already introduced a RISC-V training course back in September 2020 – perhaps the company’s earliest show of hand regarding their aspirations for the architecture.

Read the full article on Tom’s Hardware.

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